Why Us ?

“Our dearest one – fear nothing of the forest. There is no danger in solitude. We have no need of our brothers. Let us forget their good and our evil, let us forget all things save that we are together and that there is joy as a bond between us. Give us your hand. Look ahead. It is our own world, Golden One, a strange, unknown world, but our own.”

― Ayn Rand

Department of Competitive skills at Christ Junior College comprises of the most talented minds you can find, it is a no-nonsense zero-assumption and all powerful intervention in test preparation.

Our Approach

JEE-NEET program from Department of Competitive skills is born out of the intent to give JEE/NEET/CET aspirants a HIGH PERFORMANCE TRAINING program with our unique approach. We first split the entire syllabus into a certain number of modules/topics. Then we prepare really smart content for each topic. The discussion on each topic is immediately followed by a test based strictly on that topic. The solution of each question of every test is discussed in detail. In addition to this, we release our full length mock tests at regular intervals. You get the best possible guidance throughout the tenure of the program.

What you will really appreciate is that all through the program you will have complete visibility of your syllabus and the level of your preparation. By the end of the program, you complete the syllabus in the best possible way possible. You will get a planner at the commencement of the program, and you will be able to relate everything to this planner.

We are bringing the best of content and delivery to you. We let our program do the talking. But maybe it makes business sense to let you know that the team involved in the training program comprises of ex-IITians and NEET/CET toppers. You are not alone in your journey towards the test of your choice. These serial toppers will recreate the ritual for you – the ritual of winning, conquering, cracking.

We start with the end in mind and we end well …